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World of Tanks Codes: Invite, Bonus Codes & Promos [July 2022]

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This post contains all the latest World of Tanks bonus and invite codes. World of Tanks is a popular team-based massively multiplayer online action game revolving around tanks and tank battles and one of the best free PC games and tank games currently available.

Note: You can redeem any number of working WoT bonus codes, but only one invite code per account. Additionally, you must redeem the invite code within seven days of your account’s creation to receive the rewards. If you cannot find a working invite code, you can use the invite link we provide below.

All World of Tanks codes & Links

Below you will find all the current working codes and links. We have also included all the expired codes to save you from the trouble of testing them.

Like the invite codes in the following section, invite links are intended for new players only and are limited to one use per account. Currently, there is just one Invite Link available:

Invite LinkRewards
Redeemm22 locust tank
III M22 Locust Tank
600 Gold
Garage Slot

World of Tanks Invite Codes

Use one of the invite World of Tanks codes below when you create a World of Tanks account for the first time to enjoy the rewards. You can use one invite code per account, and they intend to make life easier for new players.

  1. FREESTUFFYAY – Redeem for seven days of Premium Time, 250 gold, Ram II, 25 Battle rental of M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII
  2. SUPERNOVA – Redeem for 7 days of Premium Time, 1,000 gold, 200,000 credits, 2x 200% crew XP (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% credits (1 hour).
  3. WOTGURU – Redeem for T14, 3 Days of Premium Time, 1000 gold, 4×25% credits, 2x 100% XP
  4. MANKERCODE – Redeem for Churchill III, seven days of premium, 200,000 credits
  5. OPISOP – Redeem for Churchill III, M22 Locust, 850 gold
  6. WORLDOFTACOS – Redeem for Churchill III, 1000 gold, 6x 50% XP (2 hours), 6x 25% credits (2 hours)
  7. FyxentoBoost – Redeem for 6× 300% XP (2 hours), 6× 200% crew XP (2 hours), 6× 100% XP (2 hours), 6× 50% credits (2 hours)
  8. CODEPIZZA – Redeem for T-34S, Gun Rammer, 550 gold
  9. SILVERNICUM – Redeem for 7 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 20× 50% XP (1 hour), 20× 200% crew XP (1 hour)
  10. GUIDOGRIND – Redeem for Ram II, 3 days of premium, 800 gold, 2x 100% crew XP (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% credits (1 hour)
  11. JERM – Redeem for Ram II, three days of premium, 850 gold, 2× 50% XP (1 hour), 2× 25% credits (1 hour)
  12. AIRGMEOW – Redeem for T14, 1,000 gold, 6x 50% XP (2 hours), 6x 25% credits (2 hours)
  13. 21NOOBS – Redeem for Excelsior, seven days of premium, 4x 50% credits (2 hours)
  14. SOFILEIN – Redeem for T-34S, three days of premium, 400 gold
  15. Beardiful – Redeem for Pz.Kpfw. T 25, 3 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 4× 25% credit boosters (1 hour)
  16. RUDYRUDYRUDY – Redeem for T-127, Pz.Kpfw. T 15, T2 Light Tank, three days of premium, 100 gold
  17. SIRWOT – Redeem for 7 days of premium, 3× 200% XP (2 hours), 3× 50% XP (2 hours), 3× 50% XP (1 hour), 3× 50% credit (1 hour)
  18. NandoCapoWOT – Redeem for Excelsior, 14 Days of Premium Time, 250k credits, ten battle rental of Tiger131, Lansen C and IS-6
  19. ONTRMUSEUM – Redeem for Ram II, 14 days of Premium Time, and 500,000 Credits
  20. PewDiePie – Redeem for Excelsior, 14 days of premium, 250,000 credits, ten battle rental of Tiger 131, Lansen C and IS-6
  21. WOTREDDIT – Redeem for Churchill III, seven days of Premium, 500 Gold
  22. NOFUNFORYOU – Redeem for seven days of premium, 1,000 gold, 20× 50% XP (1 hour), 20× 200% crew XP (1 hour)
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All World of Tanks Bonus Codes

Bonus codes intend to provide freebies to existing World of Tanks players and provide tank rentals, resources, and other rewards.

Working WoT bonus codes

Here are the current working WoT bonus codes:

  1. EMSIXTYCODE4REDDIT – Redeem for Fire Extinguisher
  2. EHRE – Redeem for 10 Battle Rental of Heavy Tank No. VI, 10 Battle Rental of Cromwell B, 10 Battle Rental of Dicker Max, and German Assault Style
  3. PRIMEGAMING2020 – Redeem for 500 Gold

Expired WoT bonus codes

The codes below have already expired:

  18. HOTCOCOA12202
  21. WINTERTIME12201
  22. UNIOCTLT20
  23. UNIOCTMT20
  24. UNIOCTHT20
  25. UNIOCTTD20
  26. SPOOKYDAYS10201
  28. HALLPASS092004
  29. MNIPHOXWWC0920
  30. WREBNIMWWC0920
  31. SCHOOLNURSE092003
  33. REMSRDIWWC0920
  34. BACKTOSCHOOL092001
  35. ITOUPGCWWC1020
  36. TRICKORTREAT102045
  37. MONSTERMASH10204
  38. SERUICHWWC1020
  40. RIEUYWNWWC1020
  42. IAMT26E52020
  43. IAMTURTLE2020
  44. IAM50TP2020 
  45. IAMPROGETTO2020 
  46. IAMSKORPION2020 
  47. IAMELCEVEN2020 
  48. IAMKJP1052020 
  49. IAMSOMUA2020 
  51. IAMLT4322020 
  52. IAMT92LT2020 
  53. IAMM4492020 
  54. IAMLOWE2020 
  55. IAMSTRVS12020 
  56. IAMTS52020 
  57. IAMM41902020

World of Tanks x Twitch Monthly Promos: Twitch Care Package

If you have Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming connected, Wargaming, Amazon, and Twitch have teamed up to deliver monthly gifts.

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Follow the instructions below to connect your Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming accounts, and then connect your Twitch account to your WoW account to receive Twitch promotional rewards:

  1. Create an account on World of Tanks’ official website.
  2. Next, create a Twitch account
  3. Sign up for a trial of Amazon Prime.
  4. Now you must link your Amazon and Twitch accounts to get Prime Gaming on Twitch.
  5. Afterwards, link your World of Tanks and Twitch accounts.
  6. Finally, go to the Twitch promo loot page and claim the rewards.

This month you can get the legendary Cobra commander from G.I. Joe and other free stuff.

Twitch Loot BoxRewards
Synth Waves (Active)Exclusive 2D style, Synth Waves
Two decals and a medal in Retrowave vibes
Rental Tanks, Consumables, and XP Missions
1 Day of WoT Premium Account
Creepin’ It Real (October – November 2021 – Valid until November 30th)Spooky Decal
Rental tanks, consumables, and XP missions
One day of WoT premium time
10 Keys to Use during the Mirny: Hope Event
Fresh Look (August 2021 – Valid until August 31st)Decals: Target Practice, Gimme Fire, Fresh Look
10-day tank rentals (CAERNARVON ACTION X, FV4202, Strv S1, Panther/M10)
Ten missions for 5x XP
10 Puddings and Tea
3 Days of WoT Premium Time
New missions for equipment and demounting kits
The Silent Huntress (July 2021 – Valid until July 31st)Unique Commander: Mochizuki
Ninjutsu-themed Decals and an Exclusive Medal
Rental Tanks, Consumables, and XP Missions
1 Day of WoT Premium Time
Rock Out! (June 2021)Four Premium Rental Tank and Purchase Discount Options for ten days
Rock Star Medal
Through the Fire Decal
10 Extra Combat Rations
×25 Missions for ×5 XP
×5 Demounting Kits
×5 Class 1 Coated Optics
3 Days of WoT Premium Time
G.I. Joe: Cobra (May 2021)Cobra Commander
Four Premium Rental Tanks (10 Days)
The Medal of Venom
×20 Missions for ×5 XP
Battle Missions Set
1 Day of WoT Premium Time

WoT x Alienware Giveaways

Players playing World of Tanks on Alienware laptops and desktops can enjoy the following promotions and giveaways:

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Invite Code PackageActive7 Days of Premium Time
250,000 Credits
5,000 Free XP
5 Crew Skins:
General Patton (USA)
De Gaulle (France)
1 UK + 1 Polish + 1 German Heroes
Excelsior tank w/ 100% Crew
1 Garage Slot
Bonus Code PackageExpired1 Day of Premium Time
5 Crew Skins:
General Patton (USA)
De Gaulle (France)
1 UK + 1 Polish + 1 German Heroes
2× Captain America Inscriptions (USA)
2× Avenger Inscriptions (United Kingdom)
2× Bismarck Inscriptions (Germany)
Bonus Code PackageExpired1 Day of Premium Time
1 Personal Reserve
100% Crew XP (2 Hours)
1 Large Repair Kit
Bonus Code PackageExpired1 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
1 Large Repair Kit
1 Large First Aid Kit
Invite Code PackageExpiredTier III Pz.Kpfw. T 15 Tank
3 Days of Premium Time

Wargaming WoT Referral Program 2.0 Codes

Wargaming has also introduced a revamped version of the referral program, which rewards both the referring player and the new player as the latter progresses through the game. The WoT Referral program 2.0 can be a valuable source of extra freebies:

Stage IInscription
300 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class III Medal
300 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class III
Stage IICamouflage
450 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class II Medal
450 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class II
Stage IIIChoice between: T92 Panther mit 8,8 CM L/71
FV4202 AMX M4 MLE. 49 8,8 CM PAK 43 Jagdtiger 3,400,000 Credits On Board, Stage III Emblem
Piece by Piece Style
750 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class I Medal
Hartman’s Medal
Choice between: SU-122-44 Dicker Max Panther/M10 Tiger 131 Sherman VC Firefly KV-122 1,900,000 Credits On Board, Stage III Emblem
Piece by Piece Style
750 Bonds
Exemplary Cadet, Class I Medal

Salute Benefits Codes

Members of the US and Canadian military services can enjoy the following rewards as long as they verify their service through Wargaming:

  • M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII with a patriotic “Days of Glory” primary style
  • 100% Crew
  • Extra Garage Slot
  • 10% off coupon for a future purchase


How to Redeem World of Tanks Bonus & Invite Codes

To redeem WoT codes, you must follow the steps below:

How to redeem World of Tanks codes
Image Source: Wargaming/BORDEPROLAR
  1. Go to the official World of Tanks website and log in.
  2. Hover over the username dropdown menu and click “Activate Wargaming Code,” which will take you to this page.
  3. Copy and paste an invite or bonus code into the textbox with the “ENTER YOUR CODE” placeholder text.
  4. Hit the orange REDEEM CODE to redeem the code and enjoy the rewards!

What are World of Tanks Codes?

Wargaming releases World of Tanks invite codes for new players and World of Tanks bonus codes for existing players to celebrate updates and seasonal events. New and existing players can redeem the codes to get free items in World of Tanks, such as commanders, tanks, gold, credits, premium time, XP, styles, and boosters.

Is World of Tanks really free?

Yes, World of Tanks is a free-to-play game. However, there are some pay-to-win elements in World of Tanks, as it contains features like premium ammo and tanks that are hard to keep purchasing as a free-to-play player. At the very least, spending money on World of Tanks can save you from excessive grinding, so the game is free to play, with a catch.


This concludes our list of WoT invite & bonus codes and all the ways to acquire freebies in Wargaming’s tank warfare hit. If you are looking for more tank games to play on your PC, check our lists of the best tank and best free PC games you can get your hands on.