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5-letter words starting with T [Wordle clue]

If you are stuck in Wordle or any other word game at a 5-letter word that starts with T, we are here to help. Our list of English 5-letter words that start with T will help you narrow down the word’s postfix if you have guessed the prefix correctly, as you will be able to identify the most commonly used letters in the list below.

5-Letter Words starting with T

There is a total of 149 English words with T as the first letter, so all these are potential solutions for your puzzle game. Here they are:

  1. tabby
  2. table
  3. taboo
  4. tacit
  5. tacky
  6. taffy
  7. taint
  8. taken
  9. taker
  10. tally
  11. talon
  12. tamer
  13. tango
  14. tangy
  15. taper
  16. tapir
  17. tardy
  18. tarot
  19. taste
  20. tasty
  21. tatty
  22. taunt
  23. tawny
  24. teach
  25. teary
  26. tease
  27. teddy
  28. teeth
  29. tempo
  30. tenet
  31. tenor
  32. tense
  33. tenth
  34. tepee
  35. tepid
  36. terra
  37. terse
  38. testy
  39. thank
  40. theft
  41. their
  42. theme
  43. there
  44. these
  45. theta
  46. thick
  47. thief
  48. thigh
  49. thing
  50. think
  51. third
  52. thong
  53. thorn
  54. those
  55. three
  56. threw
  57. throb
  58. throw
  59. thrum
  60. thumb
  61. thump
  62. thyme
  63. tiara
  64. tibia
  65. tidal
  66. tiger
  67. tight
  68. tilde
  69. timer
  70. timid
  71. tipsy
  72. titan
  73. tithe
  74. title
  75. toast
  76. today
  77. toddy
  78. token
  79. tonal
  80. tonga
  81. tonic
  82. tooth
  83. topaz
  84. topic
  85. torch
  86. torso
  87. torus
  88. total
  89. totem
  90. touch
  91. tough
  92. towel
  93. tower
  94. toxic
  95. toxin
  96. trace
  97. track
  98. tract
  99. trade
  100. trail
  101. train
  102. trait
  103. tramp
  104. trash
  105. trawl
  106. tread
  107. treat
  108. trend
  109. triad
  110. trial
  111. tribe
  112. trice
  113. trick
  114. tried
  115. tripe
  116. trite
  117. troll
  118. troop
  119. trope
  120. trout
  121. trove
  122. truce
  123. truck
  124. truer
  125. truly
  126. trump
  127. trunk
  128. truss
  129. trust
  130. truth
  131. tryst
  132. tubal
  133. tuber
  134. tulip
  135. tulle
  136. tumor
  137. tunic
  138. turbo
  139. tutor
  140. twang
  141. tweak
  142. tweed
  143. tweet
  144. twice
  145. twine
  146. twirl
  147. twist
  148. twixt
  149. tying
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What is wordle?

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since January 2022.

When was wordle released?

Wardle made Wordle available to the public in October 2021.

What happened to wordle archive?

Wordle players were able to access past Wordle puzzle through the World Archive website but the New York Times took the site down.

Is wordle getting harder?

Not really, but as the commonly used 5-letter English words are used you will definitely encounter some less popular ones that may give you a harder time. If you want to make Wordle harder though, you can use the game’s hard mode.

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Why are there multiple correct answers some days?

In simple words, after the New York Times acquired Wordle they may make changes to it on occasion, either for political correctness in case a word is controversial or to avoid obscure answers that will give a hard time to players.

How to play wordle?

It is best to get started with a 5 letter word that contains the most popular letters or one that contains the most vowels. So words like SOARE, ROATE, RAISE, STARE, SALET, CRATE, TRACE, and ADIEU are definitely great starters.

From there one you have another five guesses to figure out the answer. Remember that you can use only valid English 5-letter words to help you. Letters marked with green are in the correct position while when a letter is marked yellow you have guessed the correct letter but the wrong position. Wordle answers can contain the same letter more than once.

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Your goal should be to eliminate as many letters as possible while putting the letters you have already discovered in the correct order.