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SEO is dead in 2022 – A requiem to 2020 and a new dawn

Let me tell you this. If SEO (search engine optimization) is dead in 2021, I made a huge mistake in starting a blog in October 2020. At the same time, I’m probably an idiot because I also invested in that blog. The blog name “Borderpolar” started as a mental health blog called “Borderpolar Central.” Borderpolar Central got 15-20 visitors per day when it started. Consequently, its creator, me, was thinking, “Oh, God, why am I doing this? This is a disaster”. Is it, though? Well, as much as SEO is dead in 2021. And that is not the case because there will always be a market for everyone in the tech world. Enter “Borderpolar,” a tech and gaming blog founded on the 10th of November. And the tech world is everything in 2021 and the times of covid19.

The who, the where, the when, the why, and the how

You are here to learn why SEO is dead in 2021. Why? Because you are an SEO expert or digital marketer, and you want to get ready in 2021. Why did I state that SEO is dead in 2021? To capture your attention. Did I? If you are reading this, then I did. Where are we? It doesn’t matter in the digital world. When though? Happy new year, by the way! You are asking whether SEO is dead at the start of 2021.  And I wrote this article precisely at the same time you were asking this question. Dear customer, SEO is not finished in 2021, nor will it ever be, as long as there are search engines. How do I know? Because I predict what my customers are asking for, and I provide them the service of providing the knowledge they require.

Don’t we all do that, Mr. Borderpolar?

A lot of people in digital marketing learn what their customers need and provide it to them. Successful people predict the needs and deliver the content ahead of time. What happened three days before this blog switched to tech news, on the 11th of November, 2020? Apple revealed the Apple M1 chipset. People started asking about the M1, and began to provide answers. Before that date, the keyphrases “Apple M1 chip” or “Apple M1” did not exist. Then it started living, and was on the front page.

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And then what?

Then I started collecting benchmark results for the Apple M1 and made a post about the hands-on benchmark results of the M1. The blog skyrocketed out of nowhere while the interest for the Apple M1 was at its peak. And then it died down. But the success of the Apple M1 funded as it is an Amazon affiliate. That came out of nowhere. And then you start following the narrative. The Apple M1X will follow the Apple M1 and will be followed by the Apple M2.

SEO is not just about good content, backlinks, and keyword research, or page speed

Finding the right long-tail keywords will bear fruit in a few months. Something like 4-6 months are needed for your blog to start gaining some low traction on long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. But that’s on a saturated market. Instead, you can predict upcoming keywords. For instance, every single post made about 2020, containing links to best smartphones, best tablets, best tv shows, best CPUs, etc., can be duplicated or changed for 2021. And now has more than 1,000 visitors per day.

Oooh, I see

Yes. I started writing posts about keyphrases people don’t search for and kept updating them to be ready when people search for those keywords. Since I was prepared before most bloggers, I was able to rank 1st on keywords that will become popular without any domain authority. SEO is chess; you need to predict and act proactively. That’s how you win the game, not just by sitting around waiting. If you are an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, you need to generate the needs you want to serve. Even in the most straightforward cases, such as. Why is this site called What is borderpolar?

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At this scale, I don’t need to use and cannot afford to, the full versions of Ahrefs and Semrush. What I can do, though, is pay for Ubersuggest. However, instead of finding keywords, I can compete within the upcoming months, I find keywords that do not even exist yet but will live in the forthcoming months and gain a lot of traction. 

Add Google trends and Exploding topics to the mix, and you have all the weapons you need to be successful at SEO. That’s how you can challenge giants. If you play the same game as them, then you will lose. Instead, you play a modified game, win, and then start demonstrating that you can act as a complement to the services of much larger companies or blogs.

The everchanging evergreen content

In December, I decided to create a page about redemption gift codes for one of the mobile video games I play. It fits well with the niche of the site, although it’s quite the sub-niche. The post title was “AFK Arena codes 2020 – New redemption codes and how to use in 2020“. The date is mentioned twice in the title. Not only that, but in the post itself, I kept saying that we are getting close to 2021, and readers should stay tuned for “AFK arena codes 2021”. On December 31st, “2020” change to “2021,” and the post was the #1 post for a full day before others made the change. And today, it’s a featured snippet for “AFK arena codes 2021”. Test it out, and you will see. From there, I added a link to another guide for the game, and if the reader starts browsing the website after that, they might themselves looking for a new phone for their game. And then a new game for their new phone. So start thinking not only about what people want but what they may end up liking. Even better, create the need for something that wasn’t there initially.

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MonsterInsights report 2020 SEO
2,861 in 2020, 12,400 views. From there, to 250 sessions per day and increasing! SEO is everything.

2021, the new dawn and SEO

In 2020, my goal was to reach 10,000 page views in three months. Instead, reached 12,400 pageviews. Not great, but not terrible. In January 2021, my SEO work will pay off, and the blog will hit a list of 30k page views per month. And then what? Then I’m going straight for the 1 million. I will turn this blog into a tech reviewing blog; I will start a YouTube channel and create a full traffic funnel among social media to feed one another. And will I’m making this blog successful? I will be producing more content by explaining how I act proactively to challenge the competition much sooner than expected. Cool stuff, huh? Definitely not bad for a good-for-nothing mentally ill computer science Ph.D. student. So stay tuned; there will be a lot of noise in this corner of the web in 2021. And we have not even reached endgame yet. This is still just the dawn of my entrepreneurship attempts. It will work because I’m doing exactly what I love, and people will start noticing more and more. SEO is not dead. It’s just evolving, and we need to keep up, as usual.

SEO in 2021

Core web vitals are coming and will be introduced in May 2021. How much they will affect technical SEO remains to be seen. After all, Google Adsense will be harmed if websites start reducing ads load to remain at the top. 2021 will definitely be an interesting year for SEO!

Stay tuned for more SEO ideas and statistics! If you enjoy my cockiness, this blog is definitely for you!