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The Best Online Fax Services in 2022: Secure Cloud-Based Fax

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You might think you don’t have any need for faxes in this era of technology. That’s normal to think, as conventional fax services have become obsolete with the drastic advancements of technology. But the same advancement of technology has brought online fax services to us. Most importantly, these services come with massive benefits. 

These days if you need to sign an important document and send it safely to someone, a proper cloud-based online fax service can be of huge help. In fact, online fax services can serve you way better than email services or other similar services in terms of convenience and security when it comes to sending an important or secret document online to someone.

Why You Should Go for Online Fax Services Instead of Email

Email services can’t always provide you with your needed safety, and as a result, the safety of your secret documents can get breached with those. With online fax services, you won’t have to worry about security anymore. 

Emails go through things like servers, ISPs, firewalls, data harvesting bots, etc. before finally reaching the destination. This makes your emails highly vulnerable to security breaches and thefts. On the other hand, online fax services use PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network that is way more secure.

Also, some online fax services provide special security features such as HIPAA compliance, various encryptions, etc. to make your faxes even more secure. The file you send through fax gets converted into base64 binary at the sending location, and then gets reassembled at the last destination. So, even if your fax gets intercepted in its way, no damage will be done.

Thankfully, setup fees are rare among online fax services.

Why Cloud Platforms are Important for Online Fax Services

Many online fax services provide cloud platforms to store your documents safely, and then send those anywhere easily from there whenever you need to send them. Cloud-based fax services provide easy and safe storing options for all of your documents.

You’ll be able to store any kind of document in the cloud storage of your chosen online fax service for safekeeping and then sending them to their destinations at the proper time. Your troubles and hassles will go down drastically if you can save your important documents online in an ordered manner before sending them. So, it is way better for you to choose a cloud-based online fax service instead of a fax service that doesn’t provide cloud storage.

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Mobile Faxing Must-haves

Most online fax service providers offer apps for mobile devices. These are helpful for times when you don’t have access to scanners or your computer. iFax, eFax, MetroFax, MyFax,, and Biscom 1-2-3 are among the fax service providers providing mobile apps. 

However, the bare minimum should be a responsive website design for providers that don’t offer dedicated mobile faxing apps.

The best mobile faxing apps feature a few standard features, such as a contact book, a sortable fax inbox, and the ability to preview attachments.

Best Online Fax Service Reviews

We have already known that it’s best to get an online fax platform that comes with cloud services. You will find numerous online fax platforms that provide cloud services these days. But to find out the very best ones among them, you’ll need to look into what other fax management features an online fax service provides. 

Additionally, look for online fax services that provide a plethora of features, easy-to-use and robust software, attractive service plans (number of pages per month), and pricing tiers.

All things considered, we have put down a list of some of the best cloud-based online fax services for your convenience. Here goes the list:

iFax best cloud-based online fax service

1. iFax (Best for HIPAA/GLBA Compliance)

Monthly Rate/Pages: $9.99/200 Pages (Outbound) | Additional Pages: 5 cents per page | Free Trial: Only for the Pro plan | Cloud Storage: Yes | Mobile App: Yes

iFax is one of the best online fax services out there. It has been in the market for more than a decade and has one of the biggest user bases among online fax services. One doesn’t need to worry about how reliable the services of iFax are, as it provides 100% privacy and security of military-grade with 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption. Most impressively, this fax service is also compliant with HIPAA.

The cloud service of iFax is amazing, as it provides a great cloud system to its users. You will be able to send faxes using the integrated document scanner. Also, you will be able to sync between all of the devices that you use to access your iFax account. Overall, it is one of the best cloud-based online fax solutions you can get.

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Top Features

  • Great Cloud Platform
  • Easy to Use Website
  • Impressive Service Plans and Pricing Tiers
  • Highly Secured Service
  • Easy Set-Up and Email Integration
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Advanced Technology
  • International faxing support
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • High Profile User-Base Including Leading Profit and Non-Profit Orgs
  • 24/7 Available Customer Service
iFax best online fax service cloud based

2. Fax Burner

Monthly Rate/Pages: $12.95/500 pages (Inbound & Outbound) | Additional Pages: 5 cents per page | Free Trial: Free Package (25 pages inbound per month & 5 pages outbound (total)  | Cloud Storage: Yes | Mobile App: Yes

Fax Burner is another impressive online fax service that holds a satisfied, happy, and loyal user base. Fax Burner has a more mobile-friendly approach than most of its competitors. Users of this fax service can easily start with a free account and a temporary fax number that remains valid for 24 hours. The fax number can be kept by upgrading to a paid service.

The paid services of Fax Burner come with great features, and the price plans are amazing too. The email-to-fax and fax-to-email services are great. Moreover, the services are highly secured, and this fax service also offers integration with your inbox and dropbox. 

Most importantly, it provides a good cloud platform where you can store your documents. 

Top Features

  • Impressive Free-Tier Services
  • Amazing Service Plans
  • Good Cloud Services
  • Highly Mobile-Friendly
  • Reasonable Page Limits
  • Signature Can be Applied to a Fax from within the Mobile App
  • Highly Secured
  • Offers Integration with Inbox and Dropbox
Fax.Plus best cloud based fax

3. Fax.Plus

Monthly Rate/Pages: $5.99/100 pages (Inbound & Outbound), $11.99/300, $19.99/800, $59.99/3,000 | Free Trial: 10 pages | Cloud Storage: Yes | Mobile App: Yes

Fax.Plus is one of the best online fax services for occasional faxing. Moreover, it comes with a decent cloud storage service that you can use for storing your documents safely. Fax.Plus is a reliable and good fax service that you can use easily. 

Also, you will be able to send secret and confidential documents easily, as it provides high-security options. It is HIPAA compliant too. Even though the free tier of Fax.Plus is amazing, price plans are a bit less intriguing than its competitors.

Top Features

  • Attractive Free Tire
  • Clean Web Interface 
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Decent Cloud Service
  • High Security
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Fax Scheduling Available

4. HelloFax

hellofax app

If you are looking for free faxing services, HelloFax is the best option for you. Apart from providing splendid free services, HelloFax also offers connections to popular cloud storage services. If you need to send faxes occasionally, HelloFax can be of great service. It has a simple and clean interface. 

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If you want to receive faxes, you will need paid plans. Paid plans of HelloFax are really attractive and reasonable for occasional users. HelloFax provides integration with top-class cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, etc. 

This fax service is not good enough for high volume users, and it doesn’t provide convenience in fax indexing and fax tracking. Searching options are also limited. 

Top Features

  • Connects to Top-Class Cloud Storage Services
  • Great for Occasional Users
  • Impressive Free Tier
  • Reasonable Service Plans for Occasional Users
  • Simple and Clean Interface 
  • Supports Electronic Signature 
ring central fax service online cloud based

5. RingCentral Fax

Monthly Rate/Pages: $23/1,500, $50/Unlimited | Free Trial: 7 days | Cloud Storage: Yes | Mobile App: Yes

RingCentral Fax provides strong support for both mobile storage and cloud storage. This fax service provides various flexible features, along with fax scheduling. The paid plans are highly appealing, especially the office plan that includes phone and video conferencing service along with fax service. 

You will be able to use its cloud storage to safely store your important documents, and send them easily by scheduling them beforehand. You will be able to navigate it easily with the mobile app, but the interface can be overwhelming as RingCentral has a common interface for all of its services. 

Top Features

  • Strong Cloud Support
  • Appealing Paid Plans
  • A Range of Flexible and Amazing Features
  • Fax Scheduling
  • Text Message Alerts

Final Words

Online fax services have made it way more convenient to send an important and secret document safely to someone through the internet. With the help of cloud storage, you will also be able to store them safely before sending them, or after receiving them. 

So, if you are concerned about security breaches, and sending your important documents safely, you must resort to an online fax service that provides features that are properly aligned with your preferences. 

The above-mentioned fax solutions are among the very best in the industry, so you can easily resort to one of them without having any doubt.