Elden Ring full steam deck compatibility

Elden Ring full Steam Deck compatibility confirmed

Although Elden Ring, the latest FromSoftware game, was heavily criticized for its extremely demanding minimum requirements and slow performance on PC, it is actually going to work on Steam Deck. Wario64 discovered today that the RPG is now confirmed for Steam's expected handheld.

Wario64's Tweet, verifying Steam Deck compatibility for Elden Ring

Although Elden Ring received a momentous day one patch to fix several performance and quest bugs, its performance on nearly all platforms still suffers from texture pop-in and framerate woes. FromSoftware has promised to keep working on the performance issues as shown by the latest v1.02.

For Elden Ring to run on Steam Deck's relatively low specifications there is no other way around it. Meanwhile, if you are encountering performance issues with Elden Ring on PC you may want to take a look at our guide on improving the game's performance.

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