Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures Update 1 Patch Notes

The first major update in Roblox Anime Adventures introduces several new units, including Whitebeard (Mythic), Kizaru (Legendary), Akainu (Mythic), Mihawk (Legendary), Portgas D. Ace (Secret) and Lelouch (Secret). It also introduces a new world, Marine's Ford, new event quests, increased infinite mode rewards, and an increased level cap for units.

New World: Marine's Ford!

?? brand new units

Unit level cap -> 60

New Event Quests

Increased infinite rewards, made rounds last shorter

Leaderboard reset due to infinite changes, exclusive leaderboard units added

Majority of server crashes fixed, server lag greatly reduced

Autosave added to Time Machine and Neo-Tokyo

Greatly increased daily infinite gem rewards per world

Greatly increased challenge gem rewards

Increased repeat story/challenge gem rewards

Fixed overlapping units when 2+ people place at same time

Added number keybinds to select units

Luck boosts no longer countdown when you are in a game

Limited time secret units added

New mythic trait added, buffed mythic traits

Reduced evolve requirements for shiny mythic units

More bug fixes + balance changes + improvements

Anime Adventures official Discord server
Evolved Akainu Showcase
Mihawk Showcase
Shanks Showcase
Portgas D. Ace showcase
Whitebeard showcase

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