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Anime Fighting Simulator codes: Free Chikara Shards & Yen [July 2022]

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In this post, you will find the complete list of Anime Fighting Simulator codes. This is another anime-themed Roblox game, created by BlockZone and MarmDev.

AFS was released on October 4, 2019. Roblox Anime Fight Simulator is a fighting game inspired by popular anime shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, and One Piece.

Your goal in Anime Fighting Simulator is to become a powerful fighter by unlocking new swords and powers.

Anime Fighting Simulator codes will help you in your fighting journey, as you can redeem them for free Yen and Chikara Shards.

There are many active codes so get ready for a haul! Make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible because you never know when they expire!

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All Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

Below you will find both the latest active codes along with all expired ones. If any of the working codes don’t work, you can relaunch your game to join another server that might have an updated build and the latest codes to redeem.

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Working Anime Fighting Simulator codes

Here are all the currently active codes for Anime Fighting SImulator. Redeem them for free chikara shard and yen:

Don’t forget to join the official Blockzone Roblox group for a 5% training boost!

  • 1billionvisits!—Redeem for 75k Chikara Shards (New)
  • 1millionsubsfrango—Redeem for Chikara Shards (New)
  • sub2hakimbo—Redeem for Chikara Shards (New)
  • Emperador2kcode—Redeem for 2k Chikara Shards (New)
  • kelvin600k—Redeem for 3k Chikara Shards
  • Defildpromo—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • Mrrhino50k—Redeem for 2k Chikara Shards
  • medtw50k—Redeem for 2k Chikara Shards
  • elemperador100k!—Redeem for 5k Chikara Shards
  • Bigboi100k—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • subtodefildplays—Redeem for 1k Chikara Shards
  • sub2defildplays—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • NNG—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • sub2hakimbo—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • defidstream—Redeem for 2k Chikara Shards
  • emperadorsubs—Redeem for 1k Chikara Shards
  • dwax10k—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • Defild800k—Redeem for 10k Chikara Shards
  • 300ksubstigretv—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • emperadorwapo—Redeem for 1.5k Chikara Shards
  • 2millionsingroup!—Redeem for 20k Chikara Shards
  • Emperadorstar—Redeem for 5k Chikara Shards
  • Frangonewcode—Redeem for 1k Chikara Shards
  • Defildyen—Redeem for 1k Yen
  • frango2yen—Redeem for 500 Yen
  • defild700k—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • Tigre200k—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • sub2emperadormaxi—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • n1colas2sub—Redeem for 1k Chikara Shards
  • tigretvsub—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • subfrango—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • L3NI—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • Sub2tanqr—Redeem for Chikara Shards
  • sub2tplanetmilo—Redeem for 500 Yen
  • subtomrrhino—Redeem for 500 Yen
  • sub2razorfishgaming—Redeem for 500 Yen
  • subtokelvingts—Redeem for 500 Yen

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Expired Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

The codes below have already expired:

  • sub2planetmilo – Redeem for 500 Yen
  • tigertvsub – Redeem for 1,000 Chikara shards
  • anotherbugfix – Redeem for chikara shards
  • secretrazorfishcode – Redeem for chikara shards
  • thanksbugfixes – Redeem for chikara shards
  • GGgames40k – Redeem for chikara shards
  • Subemperadormaxi
  • subn1colas
  • tigretv2sub
  • tigrehaveyen
  • defild
  • subtofrangoforchikara
  • Lastyearcode750k
  • 5000chikara
  • sub2kelvin
  • tigre250k
  • VexoStream
  • thankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyou
  • gggames50k
  • dwaxinstream
  • merrychristmas
  • GoodByeBugs
  • rename
  • 10kfollowers
  • 20kblockzone
  • 700klikes
  • emilioglad30k
  • 650klikes
  • oneyear500m
  • bloodlinesfixed
  • 600kamazing
  • bloodlinefixes
  • fav75
  • frango2sub
  • twitter5k


How to redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes

How to use/redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes

All you have to do to redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes is follow these steps:

Start Anime Fighting Simulator.
Press the upward-facing arrow on the left side of the screen. This will reveal the button with the Twitter icon at the bottom left.
Click the Twitter icon and a new window will appear with a text box with the “CODE” placeholder text
Copy and paste or type one of the codes in our list into the textbox, then press the green “ENTER” button to redeem the code.
Enjoy your rewards!

It is best to copy and paste the codes to avoid any mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

What are Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

Anime Fighting Simulator codes are codes BlockZone releases occasionally on game updates or to celebrate popularity milestones for the game on the Roblox platform. The codes reward players with free in-game currency (yen and chikara shards). Make sure to redeem them before they expire though!

Where to get more Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

Why can’t I use Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

If a code does not work it has probably expired. Remember that only one Anime Fighting Simulator code can be entered per session. It’s a weird feature that is not present in most other Roblox games.

How do I get double rewards from Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

It is not possible to get double rewards from Anime Fighting Simulator for free, but you can join the Blockzone Roblox group for an extra 5% training boost as we already mentioned.

How do I use Yen in Anime Fighting Simulator?

How to use Yen to upgrade skills in Anime Fighting Simulator

The primary use of Yen in Anime Fighting Simulator is to upgrade skills. To do so:

Press the “Person” button on the left side of the game screen.
Next, press the “Stats” button to open the Stats window
Choose a skill to upgrade and then press the Upgrade button to spend your Yen on a skill upgrade. This will double the skill’s multiplier and its upgrade cost.