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Anime Adventures Tier List and How to Get & Evolve Units [July 2022]

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If you are looking for the best units to invest in and evolve in Anime Adventures we have you covered with our Anime Adventures Tier List. Understanding how units are ranked will help you form better unit combinations of elite units to fend off enemies in this tower defense game successfully.

We will also explain how you can acquire units by summoning them and how to evolve specific Mythic evolvable units.

Anime Adventures Unit Tier List: All Units Ranked

The units are ranked from Tier S to Tier D, with S being the strongest tier and D being the weakest tier. Mythic Units like Diavoro and Rangoku will be extremely valuable in later stages of the game.

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S TierDio
S TierMadaraWhile Madara is the most expensive unit in the game, he is worth it, especially for Infinite mode, as once evolved he becomes among the best DPS in the game.
S TierBrolyGreat alongside Dio for Story mode and part of the current meta for Infinite mode. Great DPS and AoE damage.
A TierDiavoroGood single target DPS. Primarily useful in Infinite mode, thanks to his Erased Time ability.
A TierAll MightBest support unit in the game once evolved.
A TierPain
A TierRangokuVery good suport DPS unit thanks to his burn.
A TierLeviGreat support DPS with with very good SPA and range. His AoE cone is quite limited though so he is more of a boss killer.
A TierDioHigh SPA but good DPS and his Timestop is invaluable in both Story and Infinite mode.
A TierErwinGreat support unit thanks to the 25% DMG boost for units within range and the ability to summon an unit with 1,000 HP every 10s.
A TierGiornoVery good legendary unit that comes with no ability but excellent SPA, Range, DPS, and cost.
A TierTodorro
B TierPainQuite useful until you get evolved All Might thanks to his pushback ability and large AoE.
B TierSSJB GokuGood DPS, with decent range, SPA, and AoE cone that does well in Infinite mode.
B TierBulmaBest money unit if you need one.
C TierSakura
C TierItachiMediocre unit that inflicts burn.
C TierGoku BlackMediocre unit due to his low DPS.
C TierArminDue to his skill’s long cooldown (even after you upgrade it), Armin won’t be much help in most formations.
C TierJohna
C TierLuffo
C TierPiccola
C TierSanjay
C TIerJotaro
C TierTodoroki
C TierSpeedwagon
C TierJosuke
C TierErenQuite underwhelming and deprecated by Erwin.
C TierOverhaul
D TierKakashi
D TierDabi
D TierJosuka
D TierKrillo
D TierKaryoin
D TierNaruto
D TierVegeta
D TierZoru

The best units for Infinite mode (Current meta)

The teams that seems to be preferred by most players seems to consist of:

  • Broly
  • Madara
  • All Might
  • Rengoku
  • Dio
  • with the final unit being one of Erwin/Sakura/Diavoro.
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How to get units in Anime Adventures

How to get units in Anime Adventures
Image Source: Roblox/BORDERPOLAR

To get units in Anime Adventures you must summon them by spending Gems, the game’s premium currency. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Launch Anime Adventures and start playing.
  2. Next, press the Summon button on the left side of the game screen to teleport to the summon area.
  3. This will open the summon window.
  4. Now you can summon units one-by-one for 50 gems each by pressing the “Buy 1” button or in batches of 10 for 500 gems by pressing the “Buy 10” button.

Don’t forget to check for the latest Anime Adventures codes to receive a few extra Gems for your summons!

How to Evolve Units in Anime Adventures

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Image Source: Roblox

You can evolve specific Mythic rarity Units in Anime Adventures. To do so, you must own the Unit and the item(s) required to evolve it and head to the Evolve location in the lobby. Below you will find the currently evolvable characters and the items required to evolve them:

  • All Might: Requires Shining Extract to evolve
  • Broly: Requires Restraining Necklace to evolve
  • Levi: Requires 2x Ultrasteel Blade to evolve
  • Madara: Requires 2x Divine Eye to evolve
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You can either purchase these items from the Travelling Merchant or head to the Evolve area of the lobby and talk to Beeruh to craft them.

How to craft items in Anime Adventures
Image Source: Roblox

Finally, by going deeper into the room and interacting with the Evolve Units interface by pressing E on your keyboard you can select an evolvable unit and its required items to evolve it.

There will be definitely more items added in the future and more evolvable units, so we will keep the tier list and evolution guide updated.


This is everything you need to know about the Anime Adventures tier list, acquiring units, and evolving them. You can check the rest of your tier lists for more content, or the rest of our Roblox guides!