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Project Slayers Breathing Tier List [July 2022]

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Taking the path of a Demon Slayer in Roblox Project Slayers will have you performing Breathing, just like the Hashira and lower-ranked Demon Slayers in the popular anime & manga series. Consequently, we have compiled a Breathing Tier List to help you identify the best Breathing when you roll using Breathing spins.

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Breathing Tier List – Project Slayers

The tier list below will give a first look at the most potent Breathings in the game:

SWind Breathing
AThunder Breathing
AWater Breathing
BInsect Breathing

Note that to acquire any kind of Breathing your character must be at least level 12 and have a sword, which costs 1,069 Wen. You will also need to pay another 5,000 to the corresponding trainer for each Breathing to start that Breathing’s questline.

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The video below provides a great showcase of all the Breathing in Project Slayers:

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