Breathing & Demon Power Project Slayers

How to Increase & Max Out Your Breathing/Demon Using Gourds in Project Slayers

Once you reach Level 12 in Project Slayers you can train to acquire one of the available Breathing Styles: Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Wind Breathing. Now, just like in Demon Slayer canon, you can train your Breathing to grow stronger, until you eventually reach the point where you can control it at all times, even when asleep. This technique is called Total Concentration and it’s something all Hashira can do.

Something similar is available for both Demon Slayers and Demons in Project Slayers to level their Breathing and Blood Demon Arts (even though BDA does not rely on lung techniques).

Going beyond that meaningless inaccuracy, let’s see how you can use Gourd Training in Project Slayers to rank up your Breathing or BDA to Level 3, the maximum.

How to Train your Breathing/Demon in Project Slayers

In Project Slayers, you can train your Breathing or become a Stronger Demon by heading to Butterfly Mansion and breaking gourds (You can check our Project Slayers map to locate it). This is similar to Demon Slayer canon, in which Demon Slayers would breath inside such gourds and break them. Contrary to that though, Gourds are useful to Demons too in Project Slayers.

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There are three available Gourd sizes in Project Slayers: Small, Medium, and Large.

All Gourd sizes: Small, Medium, Large
All Gourd sizes: Small, Medium, Large (Source: Project Slayers)

However you will have to spend Wen to purchase Gourds to break, so let’s first list all the Gourd Prices and the Breathing Points they provide:

Gourd SizeCostBreathing Progression Points
Small2003 Points
Medium45010 Points
Large70036 Points

To raise your Breathing/Demon Level to 1 (Weak Lungs/Demon) you are going to need 180 points, then you will need 360 points to raise it to Level 2, and 540 points to raise it to level three and max it out.

You can get 1 progression point by killing NPCs and 5 by killing other players.

How to Max out your Breathing/BDA in Project Slayers

Firstly, it is important to note that you will have to buy 7 Small Gourds to unlock Medium Gourds and 7 Medium Gourds to unlock Large Gourds. Now, to max out Breathing you are going to need 1080 points in total.

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If you were to spend Small Gourds to do that you would need 360 Small Gourds, which would cost you 360 * 200 = 72,000 Wen

If you were to spend Medium Gourds you would first have to buy 7 Small Gourds (21 Points & 1,400 cost) and then get the remaining 1059 points from Medium Gourds, which is around 106 Medium Gourds. The total cost would be: 1,400 + 106 * 45- = 47,000 Wen.

Finally, if you were to use only Large Gourds when you unlock them, you would need 7 Small Gourds (21 Points), 7 Medium Gourds (70 Points), and 1009/36= 28 Large Gourds. The total cost would be 1,400 + 3,150 + 19,600 = 24,150.

As a result, using Large Gourds is by far the most cost-efficient way to max out your Breathing or Demon Power.

How can I view my Breathing or Demon Progression?

Progression Viewer Gamepass

Sadly, you will have to purchase the Progression Viewer Gamepass for that, which costs 200 Robux.

However, keeping track of the 7 Small, 7 Medium, and eventually 28 Large Gourds that you will need to buy in total is quite simple to keep track of your progress.

  • For Level 1 you are going to need: 7 Small, 7 Medium, and 3 Large Gourds (199 Progression Points out of 180 required).
  • For Level 2 you are going to need another 341 Progression Points to reach 360 in total. That’s 10 Gourds for a total of 360 points. (379 Progression Points out of 360 required.
  • For Level 3 you are going to need another 15 Gourds (559 Progression Points out of 540 required).
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Breaking the numbers down make it easy to track when you have reached each Level in Breathing or Demon Power.

Breathing Demon Progression Bar Project Slayers

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